A new Xbox 360 and a new problem….

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I finally had my Xbox 360 PRO RROD on me after 4 years of service. I decided to go ahead and grab a 4GB new Xbox 360.

So far it has worked great until I got the following error when I try to play a DVD:

“A required storage device has been removed your console will now restart”

Right before the error I get a “Please re-insert memory unit”, then the controller turns off and I get the above error message.

After some digging, I think I found it.

I cleared the system cache and then made sure I cleared out any crap on the “drive”.

After doing that, I am back up and running!


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  • Every time i try to play a DVD i receive an error message tellimg me that “A required storage device has been removed your console will now restart”
    I cleared the system cache, still get the message. And i have close to 3GB free so that isnt the issue, the xbox isnt even linked to the internet right now. It is the slim black 360. If you could help me out that would be great, thanks.

    • Does it only happen with some DVD’s?

  • Mine does the same thing, and it doesn’t play any DVD’s, but it will play games.

    • if you have a new t.v you may need to have your HDMI cable hooked up just had the same problem but works like a charm now!! hope this helps

  • Thanks for the advise i did what you had done and it’s playing DVD’s

    • Awesome. Glad it helped!

  • My S is doing the exact same thing only it won’t play any DVDs or games except for Dishonored. Thats the only game it will play. I tried clearing the cache but that didnt work, and I have 3GB free so thats not the prob……and this happened the night before Black Ops 2 release lol

  • Thank you so much. My wife and I tried this and it worked. You are a genius!

    • Happy wife…happy life!

  • Thanks for the help!

  • Thank you, I love you. Seriously, saved my life kind of.

    • I can add “Life Saving….kind of” to my resume! Thanks!

  • I have the same dvd problem. It reboots right after reading the disc and even more frustrating is ever time I go to stream Netflix i get the red netflix screen but it does the same thing. The screen goes black and reboots my Xbox. N Yes ive have tryed to clear the cache and all that trouble shooting and I dont know what to do.

    • Have you tried the Optional Media Update? If that doesn’t work, I suggest trying to delete and reinstall Netflix.

      Optional Media Update Link

  • thanks dude u rock it worked

    • Glad I could help!

  • Mate, thanks for the advice. You’re a legend.

  • My game system is going through the same thing it was doing fine this afternoon now boom nothing wont play any dvds and keeps rebooting I tried almost everything so tired of it why would they put out a system that wontwork after it has played a dvd or two

    • Did you try the cache clearing? You have to do that between every disc.

  • Im having the same issue. Of getting the error message ” required storage device has been removed your console will now restart”I never did see the answer to the problem. I have cleared the cache a million times now and tried different dvds and still getting the message. it was working fine last nigjt but tonight it wont work. whats the solution?

    • Gonna take a shot in the dark but do you have more than one storage device connected?

  • I am now having the same problem. I use the 360 to watch DVDs all the time and have never had an issue. I cleared the cache three times and it still isn’t working. Anyone have any ideas? I just watched a movie on it two days ago.

    • Do you have more than one storage device attached? If so, make sure you clear the cache on both.

      If not, you could try formatting and resetting the system.

      • will that wipe out all saved games? or is it like formatting a hard drive that wipes off EVERYTHING and you have to take it somewhere to get reloaded? I’m not the biggest tech person and I’m afraid of breaking it.

        • It will wipe out the save games and your profile but everything will work fine. (You might need to recover your profile)

          How old is the Xbox?

          • just out of warranty, of course!

        • If you have a new T.V. you may need to plugin your HDMI cable just had the same problem but works like a charm now!! Hope this helps!

          • Mine was happening on HDMI. Could be a cable issue but not sure.

  • I did what you did as well and it worked. Thank you

  • I see that many people had the same problem I have, but I can’t see admins answers. I try to place DVD’s and it says”Some xbox features are missing or corrupt. A system update is required to replace them.” at the same time “please reinsert memory unit” flashes by real quickly. I have cleaned the cache and I only have one storage device, and my unit is not live.

  • Thanks a lot man, really thought their might be something wrong…you’re a life saver

  • Worked! Thank you so much I was getting so frustrated.

  • Had a USB with some stuff on it, unplugged it and it played the movie just fine. Try that if you don’t want to clear the cache on plug-in memory devices! Thanks for the help!

  • Forgive my computer illiteracy, but I’m getting the Memory error when I try to play a dvd & I wouldn’t know the first place to look to try to “clear the cache”.. Please help!!

  • tried all of the above without luck…ended up pulling the hard drive and had no more issues. Just installed the 320g HD last week. bad HD? or just an XBOX glitch that needs to be looked into?

  • Hi, i’ve had this problem for a while, seemed to happen after my 2 yr old posted a penny into it, i managed to retrieve it.
    The xbox is 6 months old & sometimes takes restarting the xbox more than 10 times to play a movie & plays a little bit of the disc each time. Other times it works first time. I’ve cleared the system cache a few times as this seems to be the most popular option, it hasn’t worked. I’ve never been connected to xbox live either as i’ve read this could also be a problem.
    I fear it may be a glitch with the actual xbox, if i don’t find any answers online, i’ll ring xbox customer support.

    One very stressed mummy who is finally watching Star Trek: into darkness

  • Well i was having the same problem for a week now on the 4 gig slim model i had previously converted a flah drive to xbox storage plugged it back into the usb selected the options same way you clear the cach and removed it as a 360 storage device , havent had anymore problems since hope this helps someone i know it was driving me crazy!!!

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